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                                      Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd.   7 products, 7 pictures
                                      Nylon chip,nylon filament,polyester filament,polyester textured yarn,functional yarn,functional fabric,fashion fabric,dty,ecotextile,retardant fabric,solution dyed yarn,awning fabric,waterproof fabric ...

                                      JINSOR-TECH INDUSTRIAL CORP   7 products, 5 pictures
                                      Carbon Fiber Fabric, Kevlar Fiber, Ballistic Fabric, Biodegradable Fabric, Colored Glass Fabric For Surf Board, Anti-Cutting Gloves, Antistatic Fiber, Honeycomb Cores, Vectran Thread, Tpu Laminated Ca ...

                                      Shenzhen Tony Electronics Co., Ltd.   10 products, 2 pictures
                                      Electronic Products,Insulation casing and materials,Resistance to high temperature and high pressure wire and cable,Industrial test instruments and ...

                                      Shangqiu Ruixin Environmental Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
                                      RESEM provides Pyrolysis Plant systems that convert petroleum based waste streams such as plastics & tires, into quality fuels, carbons

                                      Dongguan BOGEDA Plastic product Co.,ltd.   29 products, 29 pictures

                                      Cangzhou Huaxin knitting Co.,ltd   9 products, 9 pictures
                                      cashmere, wool, Yangzi hair, rabbit fur, cotton, cotton, linen, Maoqing, all sunny and various raw materials of artistic elements yarn sweaters

                                      Dongguan WANLI (WANLI) Machinery factory   60 products, 29 pictures
                                      cycle; fabric bias cutting machine; folding machine; heeling machine; hydraulic pressure blocking machine; oil pressure machine; pneumatic wire-pressing machine; polishing machine; powerful glue rubbe ...

                                      Langfang KANGXIN Electronicparts Co.,ltd.   53 products, 29 pictures
                                      agent, marketing; electronicparts, small-sized home electrical appliance; mobile phone coating hook; LG electric motor; framework for washing machine;

                                      GAOMI TONGCHUANG Automobile Fitting Co.,ltd.   19 products, 19 pictures
                                      air conditioner valves; air valve inside for air conditioner; liquescence steam valve valves inside; special air valve core; valves; valves inside

                                      XinHua Share Co., Ltd.   10 products, 2 pictures
                                      Non-woven materials for shoes, non-woven leather based fabrics, needle punched filter materials, geotextiles and chemical products

                                      Shanghai PUCHUN Electronic Co.,ltd.   5 products, 5 pictures
                                      circuit board ( pcb ); circuit board design; circuitry board (PWB); components and parts buy on sb.'s behalf; electronic; electronic weld processing; SMT

                                      Chongqing Helen Carpet Co.,ltd.   3 products, 3 pictures
                                      bayonet carpet; car mat; carpet; manual carpet; nylon carpet; printed rug; sheared sheepskin rug for door; square rug; tufting carpet; wilton carpet

                                      Dongguan HUANGJIANG HONGYI Plastic Factory   16 products, 16 pictures
                                      plastic ball; processing; mould manufacturing; plastic balls; ldpe; eva ball;;; golf;; toy balls; huff; roll ball; rubber & plastic; plastic blowing mould; exercising golf ball; children's ball;

                                      Zhejiang Hengfeng Packing Co., Ltd.   4 products
                                      hot stamping foil,metallic foil,pigment foil,holographic foil,stamping foil,laser foil,hot stamping,paper foil,hot stamping foil for paper,hot stamping foil for plastic,foil

                                      Weifang JIERUIDA Machinery Co.,ltd.   7 products
                                      suction dredger; belt type press filter; sludge scraper; sand-water separator; spiral conveyor without axes; grating machine; slag removing device; sand-water separator; center transmission scraper su ...